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Singular Vineyards

Our main value, the best raw material.

3.770 acres of vineyards
750 acres owned
3.020 acres controlled

After more than 130 years dedicated to wine culture, Manzanos Wines owns 620 acres in appellation Rioja and controls 1730 acres more, 124 acres owned in appellation Navarra and controls 1298 acres more. The company sums up a total of 3.770 acres.

One of the main assets of Manzanos Wines is the wide extension of its own vineyards. Each area and each valley of Rioja have unique features. These features widely depend on the relationship between the climate, the soil and the vineyard. Not to mention the the importance of the production and elaboration techniques that are determined by our technical team. Both factors together determine the singularity of each wine.

Our vineyards are distributed throughout different municipalities, allowing the exploitation of the different soils as well as the differences of each variety of grape. This is why the harvest lasts a long period of time, due to the fact that we wait for each parcel to have the optimal ripening. This fact makes it possible to harvest different parcels at different times.

This diversity also makes it possible for “Manzanos Wines” wineries to create wines that show the potential and the features of each area, with a common identity that is easy to recognize.